Hi! I'm Rashae,

Hi! I'm Rashae,

the face behind VA Rashae. I work with creatives on their copy writing & social networking needs so that they're able to remain in their zone of genius!

Hey You, The Slightly Overwhelmed & Sleep Deprived Creative ...

You started your business to give yourself freedom. Only now, you’re stuck with a never ending task list, keeping you from the natural high you get creating. By outsourcing tasks within your business that you don’t enjoy, or aren’t an expert at, you get yourself one step closer to that ideal life. Allow me to work within my zone of genius, lend you my support & cheer for your inevitable growth! Take that first step today by setting up a free consult with me & then go celebrate! You deserve it.

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  • Working with Rashae was easily one of the most helpful investments I’ve made in my business … They were very understanding of my personal need to balance my health as a disabled artist … The action plan we developed together has empowered me & set Fat Girl Media up for greater success in the coming year. I cannot recommend Rashae enough … Their knowledge & understanding of time management, best practices in marketing, & overall organization & planning is absolutely invaluable.

    Dani of Fat Girl Media

  • I loved your honesty & communication … I could see your dedication to helping your future clients succeed & I wanted that drive inside of my business … If you are looking for a true assistant who can help you with accountability & getting those pesky tasks complete, then Rashae is perfect. Rashae gave me a true sense of being supported & backed.

    Savannah of Systematic Bell

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